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tbt to when I saw tracey emins exhib 💟💟


tbt to when I saw tracey emins exhib 💟💟

There is something in this, devotion or justice or a religious surety of some kind

There is something in this, devotion or justice or a religious surety of some kind

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Cows have passports




I wish people still wrote letters like I just love writing letters to people they feel more personalized.

Do you want to start writing letters? Because I really wish people still wrote letters and it would give us an excuse to buy top quality stationary just saying

I just saw this and I’m staying in this gorgeous house in France and they have all this cute stationary and oh I want to use it!

I’m staying in a gorgeous house in Italy and they don’t have any stationary but I’ve got my pencil case so i could give it a go. Genuinely do you want to fan mail me your address I’ll write you a letter I’m not a stalker honest just pathetically old school 

Anonymous asked: How did today go my lovely?

I got this on results day I just haven’t been able to reply so I presume you meant that, and it went very well thankyou, I got four As so I’m really chuffed :) Did you get any results and if so how did you do? <3 

shewalksinmydreams asked: Sending love

Thankyou my dearest, I’m doing much better recently. How are things your end? xx

Anonymous asked: Dear friend, I hope you're doing well today. I'm quite nervous for today. I have my first in car driving lesson today and I'm a little nervous. Maybe you could give me some advice? Anyways I hope you have a great day! From, Charlie

Dear Charlie,
I’m quite good today, how are you feeling? How did it go? I’ve only done six or so lessons myself, but I always forget to check the mirrors, so be careful on that. Also, when you’re on a small road driving in the middle of your lane, and a huge car or a van is coming towards you on the other side of the road, and it looks like its going to hit you if you stay where you are, stay where you are. You’ll be fine, you’re just not used to it. 
My day has been pretty swell. On holiday with family, and we just came home from a chocolate factory tour. There are definitely worse days. 
Love Always,
Your Friend 


You look at me, and you can’t see me. Have you any idea what that’s like? Please, just see me.

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Some of the best acting this century
You could see matt smith in him
And you could see matt smith in this new body getting all upset only it was actually capaldi I cant with this man he is sweet life and good gold

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